Saturday, July 5, 2008


Everyone knows what a perfect day is like where they live. Around here, it’s a day like this one, where the temp is about 25 C/ 78 F, with a slight offshore breeze that calms the Lake, and no humidity or bugs to speak of. The dog days will come, when the air is so hot and humid it feels nearly the same as your body temperature, and you can barely feel yourself breathe. And there will be stormy days, when pounding gales whip up waves that splash over the breakwall and water the lawn, and leave muddy spray streaking the windows. But right now it’s perfect, serene and quiet – a few pleasure boats, the big ferry heading out to Sandusky, Ohio, a huge group (called a crèche) of Canada geese having a group outing with the offspring, the goslings nearly as big as the adults.

I took the first picture from the door of my back porch a few minutes ago. The red maple makes a wonderful dark canopy of shade on the lawn. If you click to enlarge, you'll be able to see the ferry and a few other small boats. Hope you all are having a perfect day, too, wherever you are!

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Poetikat said...

Hi Deb,

I sure hope we can by-pass those "dog days" of summer. You are so right, this is just perfect.