Sunday, July 6, 2008


this is a moment on
the cusp of several
earthly and celestial
transitions: twilight and the days
between September and October
summer and winter
even the moon caught
between quarters

it’s the heat season
the antler time
elk horns raking the bush
in the semi-dark
the loud clicks and rattles
spreading out across the hills
fooling the ear
and the timid heart
with the sharp nearness of
their challenge

and above, the bright horns
of the crescent moon
stand out brilliantly against
the faded topaz remnant
of the day

hard by, Mars
presses its red visage closer and
the battle begins

Poem by Deborah Godin
Photo, Wikimedia Comons


Raven said...

Beautiful poem. Lots of lovely lines but I especially love "faded topaz remnant of the day."

Sian said...

Well, I love this one. Very powerful, even spiritual and certainly beautiful.

Sydney said...

I absolutley love this. I can smell the autumn air and feel the chill . So many images conjured up in so few words. And so many layers

Kathiesbirds said...

Love the poem. I have heard elk bugle. It's a sound that lingers in your ears and mind. Forgive my ignorance: What are those words in brackets for? What do they mean?