Thursday, July 3, 2008


Several years ago, some friends of mine took a trip to Tibet. Before they left, we talked about the things they planned to do and see. I offhandedly said that if they came across any Tibetan crystals in any marketplaces they might visit, to pick one up for me. I’m a real rock hound, and Tibetan crystals are legendary. I told my friends that when I first heard about them, from the owner of a New Age crystal shop in Calgary, I was told a little rhyme about Tibetan crystals – that they are brought from the mountains “packed in a sack on the back of a yak.” What a wonderful image that conjured up! Well, my friends had a terrific time in Tibet, and brought me back several souvenirs which I greatly treasure, in particular, a couple of Tibetan crystals. Not only that, they took pictures of the sale! So, with their permission, I share them now with you.

The top photograph is of my friend, Sydney, holding my very crystals in her hands. Next to her in the black hat is the crystal seller. Actually, he’s a wandering yak herder, who sells crystals on the side. Behind him is the yak (that cute rhyme is totally true!) Being a rather diminutive animal, you can’t quite see the yak. The fellow in red is holding the lead, so it can’t wander off, and you can just make out the hoof between the Sydney and the herdsman/seller. This is in Tibet’s Karola Pass (5100 m). Afterwards, everyone (except the yak) retired to the herdsman’s hut to warm up.

And finally, the last photo is of the crystals, in their new home.
Do I have great friends or what!

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