Friday, July 11, 2008


Tonight, in just a few minutes, Eastern Daylight Time, New Yorkers will experience the celestial phenomenon known as "Manhattanhenge" (Manhattan + henge, as in Stonehenge). It's one of the two evenings every year that the setting sun lines up in just the right place to illuminate all the cross streets. Such a radiant alignment in the heart of one of the world's most secular cities makes you feel sorry for future archaeologists, who will undoubtedly write books about how very mystical and spiritual the people in those huge temples were back then.

There's also something of a counterpart on the West Coast, known as Goldengatehenge
but it doesn't sound quite as dramatic as New York.


Anonymous said...

Wow How do you know all this good stuff... I love this blog
I'm sending it to all my erudite spiritual friends;
I SO look forward to your insightful observations of the world around you!
You have a gift. NO, you ARE a gift!

Deborah Godin said...

Oh my goodness...thank you so very much! I am truly appreciative even though I feel undeserving of such high compliments!

Sian said...

What an enchanting thing to have happen in a city! And I love the idea of future archaeologists scratching their heads about it :)