Saturday, August 2, 2008


Here’s something to go with my previous post, for SKYWATCH. The song is “All the Diamonds in the World” by Canada’s Bruce Cockburn. The melody is lovely, and the arrangement on the live album is really special. Unfortunately this one isn’t on YouTube. There are a few covers by other people, but I didn’t want to listen to any of them; would rather have only Cockburn’s version in my mind's ear for this one. Maybe you already know this song anyway… Even if you haven’t heard it, I am sure the lyrics alone will sing to you.

All the diamonds in this world
That mean anything to me
Are conjured up by wind and sunlight
Sparkling on the sea

I ran aground in a harbour town
Lost the taste for being free
Thank God He sent some gull-chased ship
To carry me to sea

Two thousand years and half a world away
Dying trees still grow greener when you pray

Silver scales flash bright and fade
In reeds along the shore
Like a pearl in sea of liquid jade
His ship comes shining
Like a crystal swan in a sky of suns
His ship comes shining.

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Quiet Paths said...

You caught my reference!! I can't believe it! Matt and I used to do this song as a duet. We still do it from time to time. Go Bruce.

Deborah Godin said...

Christine - that would be one "cover" version I WOULD love to hear!!

Sian said...

I have never heard of this song but the words are special. I love it when an image leads us as naturally to music and poetry as music and poetry leads us to image.
I am glad I found your blog Deborah, it is a pearl in my day :o)