Sunday, August 10, 2008


Late breaking news: The iconic and much-photographed arch at Utah’s Arches National Park has fallen. The Park thinks it fell sometime last week, since no one was on hand to confirm the exact time and date when it happened. Wouldn’t that have been geological freak-out?! Its collapse has been attributed to the combined forces of gravity and erosion, not to wearing improper footwear.

Okay, enough with the goofing around. I truly am saddened that this ancient landmark is no more. But it serves to remind us that the earth is constantly changing, even if it’s just a few grains of sand a year, eventually everything suffers the same fate. Someday all the other arches will tumble, and eventually even the Rockies will be mere nubbins.

Arch photo from CBS news.


SandyCarlson said...

That is one beautiful photo! I guess Ma Nature doesn't fret over change the way we do. Thanks for the scoop. I'll remember to take a good look around so I don't miss out on the beauty before it's gone.

magiceye said...

your prophecies sound ominous!
glad you documented the arch

bobbie said...

No, no, not the Rockies!
Of course, you are right, and changes in Nature are...well...natural.

Come to think - it's what I keep trying to say to my children, and my doctors. We age, and eventually we die. It's the natural progression of things - nothing to get upset over. and Life goes on.

the teach said...

Oh Deborah, that's sad news... I'll have to tell my husband! :(

Dianne said...

I love the way you wrote about this and the photo is wonderful

Indrani said...

This photo is for the future generations! Glad you blogged on this, it is sad but we have to accept the ravages of time.