Monday, October 13, 2008


If you haven't yet seen this recent commercial for the Discovery Channel, have a look. It's very inventive, and I think it's destined to become part of the pantheon of classic feel-the-love TV commercials (like the famous Coke ad). Where else would you find snippets of the kiddies' song many of us sang around countless campfire and scout meetings, from Buddhist monks and Stephen Hawking (via his voice computer) blended with those of the Discovery Channel program hosts. Okay, they lose a point for pairing up the footage of the breaching orca with lyrics about "great whites" (really, they above all others should know better!) but it's forgiveable because the rest is so charming.

Video by YT member mrmachadochannel

Question of the Moment: Do great white (or any) sharks ever breach??


Sylvia K said...

Really neat! Thanks for the tip. Hope your day is going well.

SandyCarlson said...

Yeah. Boo-boo and all. Yeah. Thanks!

Indrani said...

Nice one indeed!

kouji haiku said...

ah yes. i've seen this. but i enjoyed watching it again. :)

awesome indeed.

yup. saw that on a show once. large sharks breaching (they thought they were going after a seal). scary, powerful. :O

magiceye said...

lovely one! had not seen it earlier.
thank you for sharing.