Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MORE ABOUT MEASURE WORDS and a ‘Public Service Announcement’

Looks like the subject of yesterday’s post – measure words – intrigues readers as much as it does me. I was delighted to hear from someone this morning commenting as “Smack of jellyfish” – how neat is that! It turns out to be the website address of a woman living on a boat in Alaska, who makes a whole line of creative, artistic wares based on measure words for animals. Obviously, this whole subject is bigger than I first realized! She also expressed favor for a “crash of rhinos.” I like that one, too. It would be in the Makes Sense category for sure. I mean, what could be better for a group of XXL sized, extremely nearsighted animals roaming around in the bush? I also enjoyed Sian’s comment with the further elaboration on crow behavior. This world of ours is so wonderfully amazing. Not only are we still discovering new species, but also learning about the unique ways of familiar favorites. And, BTW, once when I was taking the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, B.C., I actually saw a smack of jellyfish in the churning waters the ferry stirred up!

Now for the PSA portion.

Some of you may already know this, but fellow blogger Sylvia at The View From Over The Hill, has had inexplicable and very inconvenient Google/Blogger problems, and has been forced to start her blog over. The old blog is still available, but Sylvia herself can’t access it to post. As someone who has recently had to deal with big time computer whammies, I can totally sympathize. Few things are as frustrating. Anyway, Sylvia’s new blog address is http://sylviafromoverthehill.blogspot.com so you can find her there.

Photo of rhinos from Wikimedia Commons


Sylvia K said...

That's fascinating! What a fun read! And thanks for your message regarding my blogging nightmare! I've been working on the new one, but I didn't dare miss Tai Chi this morning -- I needed to unwind!

magiceye said...

measure words are a treat for sure!