Monday, February 2, 2009


Over the weekend I was tagged with a photo meme by Bobbie, and also received a Premio Dardos blog award from Sylvia and Kat. There are rules to passing on the award, but I have been picking up that there is a lot of award fatigue out there, so instead of passing it along to 10 people (five each) I’m only going to nominate one. (I really could passing this along to at least 50 people!). So, with many thanks to Kat and Sylvia, I am hereby giving this award to a blog I only discovered recently, but enjoy a whole lot – Here ya go Cloudia at Comfort Spiral.

Now, the photo meme from Bobbie is a Sixth Folder of Your Sixth File meme. In my photo file, that’s a folder called “Buddha.” When I first moved here to the lake, I saw that my breakwall had a kind of apron on one end, with a nice juniper bush. I immediately knew I wanted a Buddha statue there, to gaze out over the lake. I finally found one large enough to look right at a garden shop a few small towns over, and brought him to his new home. Technically, I guess he’s not actually THE Buddha, but a monk, but I don’t let that distinction bother me. People have asked me why I set him that way, when all I see from behind is his rather plain back, while his lovely serene face faces the lake. It just seemed better that way. This one is titled, "Buddha and Sailboats Returning" (click to enlarge)

I’m passing this tag along (without obligation) to someone who takes some very beautiful and intriguing photos –please do visit Donald Kinney’s San Francisco daily photo blog.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Groundhog Day, Deb.. We have a winter wonderland on the plateau this morning. The birds are eating and eating and eating.. I guess we'll have 6 more weeks -at least--of winter!!!!

Great picture... Love seeing the sun's reflection on the water and those sailboats out there. WOW!!!

Kallen305 said...

I absolutely love that photo. It is so serene and peaceful.

Lin said...

fun photo-had to enlarge it to see the sailing ships. you're right about award fatigue...reminds me of chain letters that used to go around and around and around. but does get us interacting.

Sylvia K said...

What a beautiful, peaceful photo! I love it! The sun on the water is really breathtaking!

George said...

You're right -- this is a beautiful and serene scene.

Shellmo said...

I loved how you faced him - like he reflecting on the beauty and serenity of his surroundings!

Avid Reader said...

what a peaceful photo - sailboats and a Buddha. He looks like a good sized statue.

Poetikat said...

That's a really good term for it, Deb - Blog Fatigue. You are so right!
I'm also a bit surprised/dismayed at some of that are being passed off as awards. I've seen a few that are really off-putting and I wouldn't even want them on my blog.
I didn't mean to bully you into putting it up - I just thought you needed a little "bling". Ha ha.


mom/caryn said...

This is photographic perfection for me. It's absolutely beautiful!It draws me into the scene and makes me want to sit and linger.

Your Buddha/Monk is positioned beautifully. He should be looking out at the water.


Cloudia said...

I love your choice. The Monk's facing the serene water is a kindness to him on your part. and thanks SO very much, MAHALO for the Award!! Really, with so much challenge going on today the web and all of the great folks here are like a secret garden I can visit with lovely people like you, Deborah! Warm Aloha