Friday, February 20, 2009


My blog friend HITCH WRITER has tagged me with the 25 random things tag. That’s going to be a real thinking assignment, but I’ll give it a go.

1) I have no tattoos. A great many years ago I was going to get one, just because it was so “against type” for me, and I wanted to be a rebel. However, I waited too long, and now so many people have them there’s no “type” to be against. So I use the design I made for my tattoo for my blog photo pic. Yup, that little bird.
2) My friend gave me a small container of vibuti she got from Sai Baba.
3) I can’t abide the smell of skunks. There are people who say they “don’t mind’ the smell; I’ve met two of them. They mystify me.
4) A nice gentle steady rain and some soft rolling thunder are my idea of heaven.
5) I am addicted to music, and have an embarrassingly large CD collection, even for someone who writes books on the subject.
6) I never turn down ice cream.
7) In the mid-60s, my freshman year roommate and I pranked a frat with a hilarious (and pretty obvious, or so we thought) joke involving The Communist Manifesto, but the boys actually bought it, and even reported it to the FBI. They took names.
8) The first thing I notice about someone (if applicable) is what hand they write with, and if they write inverted. I write with my left, not inverted (rare for lefties). President Obama writes with his left, and he does invert.
9) I have green eyes. I once met a young girl who had one hazel green eye and one blue. She was very pretty, and it was very striking.
10) I can’t stand TV commercials with people who yell about the products they’re pitching. Billy Mays should be duct taped, and muzzled for good measure.
11) Re above, the mute and volume control buttons on my TV remote are busted. At least I get more exercise that way.
12) When I was a little kid, I stuck a bobby pin in a wall socket. It buzzed my whole arm and knocked me flat on my behind.
13) I do Taoist Tai Chi regularly.
14) I was born in the first half of the previous century. I think that’s really cool. I actually remember all those things listed in the Baby Boomer nostalgia emails.
15) I have witnessed two occurrences in the sky (one night, one day) that I can’t explain (not a UFO or craft of any kind).
16) I love driving, with the music up loud and the windows open. Road trip or grocery shopping; doesn’t matter.
17) I collect little bits of the earth. Many I find, some I purchase or are given. My favorites include fossils, and fulgurites (I have a rock one from Colorado and a sand one from Florida), enhydro crystals, picture stones, bones. Since moving to the lake, I’ve added beachglass and shells to my pockets.
18) I dance a little almost every day – rock and roll or world/ethnic or pow wow.
19) I have a form of dyslexia called dyscalculia. Compensation is the name of the game. I keep a “float” in my checking account and never even attempt to balance it.
20) I love TV in the evenings. My current faves are the forensics shows, Life, Lost, and ER.
21) Though I hate to cook for myself, I love to throw big dinner parties, usually for 10-12 people. And usually around a theme, too. One was ‘Weird Food Night’. That one was a hoot (and not as bad as you’re probably thinking)
22) I love coats and jackets. I have way more than simple need requires. Most are from thrift stores and Value Village, though. I am the very soul of frugality.
23) One time when I was out bird-watching by a pond, a muskrat on the far shore started swimming towards me. When he reached the shore, he kept right on coming. I didn’t move a muscle, wondering just how far he’d come. He came right up to my feet and bit me on the big toe. I was wearing bright apple green leather mocs at the time, so perhaps he thought I was some juicy grass? The bite didn’t hurt but the pressure was startling, and I went “OW!” really loud. He looked up with dawning terror, and raced (waddled fast) off to the water.
24) I love mirrors outdoors. If I didn’t live in such a windy spot, I’d have a garden full of them, in among the bushes, rocks, and flowers, playing mind and eye games with reality.
25) Blogging is just about the funnest thing ever! I have a couple more manuscripts planned or in the works, but when they’re done, I’m just going to blog. All you guys out there are just the BEST!! What a world!!

I’m supposed to tag another 25 people, but I think I’ll just leave it open for those who may want to do this, because I know so many already have. Hey, I have to rebel about something and tattoos are out. But it was fun, so thanks to you, Hitch.


Lin said...

interesting, I learned a lot of bizarre things about you...I'm a lefty too and don't write backwards but trained my self to write without writing from the top of the paper but like normal right handed people do. so I didn't smear my writing as I wrote more. I'm sure you understand that...I don't like skunk smell either and can't remember what else you wrote but it was fun to read...

HorribleLicensePlates said...

I can write upside down and backwards. I have to label the bottom of clear petri dishes at work so they can be read from the top. It's strange how easy it can be once you start.

Cool list!

Sylvia K said...

Loved learning more about you, the funny, the crazy, it's those characteristics that mark each of us as both alike and different and it's fun knowing you're nutty as I am! But, hey, that's what makes us interesting, huh? Anyway, it was fun reading -- we do share a lot of things!

bobbie said...

I think yours are the most interesting "25 things" I have ever read. That does not surprise me in the least.

I have also met a girl with one hazel eye and one brown. Fascinating.

I was pretty much ambidextrous most of my life. (Not now with arthritis) and I also write upside down and backwards. Learned it teaching my son who is a lefty.

Two of my kids are lefties, as was my husband.

Shellmo said...

#12 made me laugh~! The themed dinner parties sound fun! And I can't believe that muskrat bit you!! Did you have to get a rabies shot! (This is funny but then again not funny!)

Kallen305 said...

Very interesting Deborah, I too am a lefty and have a coat addiction the I fule through thrift stores. LOL about the prank you did as a freshman.

PS: I adore the sound of rain. It makes me feel so peaceful.

SandyCarlson said...

Mirors outdoors? I will have to give them a try.

I feel the same way about rain and thunder.

Great post, Deb.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Deb, I love to read these things about my 'new' friends. You know that I'm a leftie also--but one of the ordinary kinds!!! ha... That was a funny story about the muskrat... If you don't like the smell of skunks, you don't want to be in the TN mountains in the summer.. Pe-Ou!!! We love music also--and have TONS of CD's also. The Communist Manifesto story was hilarious! Bad Girl!!!! I agree about Billy Mays. SHUT that man UP!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

The muskrat story is hilarious, and you tell it perfectly, conveying the sense of disbelief that this is actually happening.

Cloudia said...

Blogging is the funnest!
I have discalc too - but would you rather be a real writer - or do math well?
Love knowing you better!
Get the tat.

Quiet Paths said...

Wow, I doubt I could come up with 25 notable facts about myself but you breezed through this easy! What an interesting read, Deb and it is great to know more about you. shshh, I have no tat-u's either. Our second son is a south paw and does not invert either.

Squirrel said...

I'm with you on #s 1, 4,5, 6, 9, 10!!!,
12- I couldn't plug the toaster in because the prongs on the plug had been bent out, so I bent them back in AS I pushed the plug into the socket. I flew backwards into the kitchen table. My arm felt funny all day, numb sort of, but trembly.
13. I do Tai Chi several times a week--with some handsome hunk (Scott Cole DVD) on a beach in Hawaii. My day is always better if I do tai chi.
16. I love driving & long road trips --have driven from NYC to LA and back many times in my twenties. twice to New Orleans. Sometimes solo.
18. Used to, need to resume the habit.
19. I am number dyslexic with telephones and also round off with the checkbook--always end up with a tidy sum "extra" at year's end.
22. me too. I've had some mad crazy coats.
23. Have had wild animals approach me too.
24. makes sense mirrors outdoors.
25. yes!

Rose said...

really enjoyed learning you--I totally agree about windows down and music up. But only if I am by myself...just not the same if someone is with me.

Sue said...

I really enjoyed your 25 things. I too probably have an FBI file, although I was serious about what I was doing my freshman year in college (helping to organize protests after the Kent State shootings). We seem to like the same TV shows. I unfortunately had to give up dancing recently when an attempt to demonstrate the Frug for my husband nearly detached my retina. Boohoo! You're the second person I've seen in two days with a 25 random things list (the other was 19 year old college student). Guess I'll have to write my own!

ellyodd said...

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