Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Energy Needed, and Lawyers too!

I just received this in a new email from The Orion Project, and thought I'd pass it along.

New Energy Needed

In his Feb 24th speech, President Obama laid out the nation's top concerns for 2009, and high on that list was building a new energy economy in America. The President correctly sees that we need to transform our economy and that “it begins with energy”. He also said that “to truly transform our economy, protect our security and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy”. We certainly agree!

Which Energy to Pursue?
However, developing existing advanced energy devices of the types TOP seeks was never mentioned in his speech-even though many of them could be developed in as little as a year. Solar and wind power were mentioned, but not power generation from hydroxyl gas, thermal exchange, pulsed motor generators, solid state electronic devices, electro-gravitics or zero point electromagnetic motors. Our leaders need to be thoughtful in choosing which new energy technologies will be funded and developed to replace fossil fuels. President Obama wants $10 Billion-a 16% increase- in National funding for basic energy research, in addition to the $5 Billion already in the Stimulus package. He has pledged to “put science at the top of our agenda”. He is creating money for important and much needed research. BUT-- if he is not aware of the promising types of technology TOP is seeking, it is vitally important that we let him know now before Billions are spent on less promising and more costly forms of energy.

Old energy hangs on.

We know that big oil and coal companies are already preparing to block real energy reform. They are well organized and they will oppose all new technologies that could make fossil fuels obsolete. We must find cleaner sustainable energy sources soon and get them into the public sector. That is why many grass roots organizations like TOP are urging citizens to speak out now and create pressure for positive change. We have open lines of communication to our government if we will use them. To get the most for our tax money and to insure a brighter future, we must point our elected officials in the right direction for spending these research funds.

Take a Step forward!

Please help us keep up the momentum for truly effective energy research by writing, calling, and faxing your representatives (use our free fax link). You can also tell your friends and co-workers about the TOP website, write letters to your local newspapers, call into your favorite radio stations, and participate in any other ways you can imagine. If you can donate, you can be certain your money will be used to further these important goals. Thank you for all you are doing to make a better world for everyone.

New Orion Project Position: Attorney

The Orion Project seeks an attorney with contract law experience. We are looking for that wonderful individual who can donate expertise, as all of us who work for The Orion Project do, to help achieve our goal of finding and bringing new safe, clean energy technologies to the world. Hence, the position is not salaried at this time.
If you can help, please contact

Image of Tesla coil from Wikimedia Comons, and did not accompany the original email from The Orion Project.


Sylvia K said...

Thanks as always, Deborah, for the worthwhile information. We do indeed need to get this word out and I'll do all that I can to help.

bobbie said...

You're always so good about passing on the Orion Project message. It really is important information. Thanks.

SandyCarlson said...

Will do. There's always old money to try to block the clear vision of new thinking. Will go there and make the right move.

Indrani said...

I admire your efforts in passing such environment concerned issues, got to learn a lesson from you.

Cloudia said...

tesla knew, D.

susan said...

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