Tuesday, August 4, 2009


you are a copper bell
you are a fruit pit
you are a sea shell
white white
you are crystal
white white

you are a green stone
you are a bracelet
you are precious
you are our flesh
you are our bone

(from the book “2-Rabbit, 7-Wind – poems from ancient Mexico retold from Nahuatl texts” by Toni de Gerez, available at Amazon.com)


Lin said...

it's starting to feel like fall with the harvest coming...

The Creek Cats said...

Great poems and pictures! Our kitty Ferris is eating corn on the cob on his blog today!

bobbie said...

Once again - wonderful words and a very beautiful photo.

Cloudia said...

I feel the Autumn promise in your post!!

Comfort Spiral

Quiet Paths said...

What an amazing field of corn. And corn is so fundamental and so ancient, as this piece so rightly describes.

Indrani said...

Well chosen lines for the shots!

Sue said...

the field, the flowers, and especially the clouds are so peaceful and idyllic -- I can't help but contrast them to the angry, scary cornfield, clouds and crows of Van Gogh's famous painting.

Ruth said...

That poem is so meaningful. I think of the people in Mexico for whom corn is still their staple food. The recent increased prices for corn (and all grains) really hurts the poor especially in 3rd world nations.

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful words as always, Deborah, along with lovely photo! Yes, autumn is on it's way!


Arija said...

So beautiful with the wild daisies edging the field.

Dee said...

I had exactly one perfect sweet ear of corn from the 20 or so stalks I grew in my garden this year. The birds enjoyed all the tiny or deformed or wormy ones but that one perfect ear was amazing.