Saturday, August 1, 2009

LEAMINGTON gets 1.5 of its 15 MINUTES from DAVE

Yes, it's true. Leamington is the proud and official Tomato Capital of Canada. The town's round water tower resevoir is painted a deep beefsteak red, and isn't that the cutest tourist info booth in the shape of our famous fruit?! In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that Leamington is also the unofficial Spider Capital, but they don't put that on the website, understandably. People who have grown up in this area and have not traveled abroad (like, say, Detroit) probably don't realize this last fact. They probably think the whole world drives around with webs draped across their license plates, and shining in the sun around their side mirrors. The upside is, as I have pointed out before, Leamington is always ready for Halloween. But I digress. Leamington grows tomatoes, and now a whole lot more people in the Dave-watching world know it. How cool is that!!

Addendum, as per Kevin's request: the tomato water tower.

P.S. does anybody know why this embedded vid is so BIG? I've never had one do this before!
Video from YT member pasquale30


Sue said...

Yum, tomatoes!! Just harvest a big armful from my own garden. 'Fraid that "spider capital" thing is a deal breaker.

bobbie said...

That's pretty funny.
Personally, I'd rather know more about the spiders, but that's just me.

don't know why some videos are so wide. I've run into that several times.

Kevin said...

That is one cool info tomato. Any chance of a photograph of the water tower?

Sylvia K said...

Ooooh I do love tomatoes and I love the stand and the water tower! Really cool shots, Deborah! The spider capital is pretty funny, but I'd be interested in knowing more about them!

Have a great weekend!


Cloudia said...


Aloha Red Greetings, Deb

Comfort Spiral

Rose said...

Oh, that is great! (I'm making more salsa as I type!) So fitting to find this on your blog...I should live there since I love tomatoes so much!

SandyCarlson said...

That's a great thing to be known for. That town sure takes on its role with spirit.

Don't know why the video is big, but I do know it's possible to go into the html and make the width and length what you want it to be.

Lin said...

how fun, I love home grown fresh ripe tomatoes. nothing like them...spiders I can do without.

Indrani said...

Cool indeed. The water tower is a great addition. :)

guild-rez said...

Great pictures and very interesting post!!
Tomatoes? I love tomatoes, especially the big juicy Ontario field tomatoes!!
Spiders are useful and I don't mind as long they make their cobwebs in the garden and not in our house.
- Cheers from Guildwood.

Dee said...

looks like a sweet little town...except for the spiders...try as I might I just can't not be creeped out by them.