Sunday, September 6, 2009


This week for the Pet Pride meme I’m not posting anything about my mine, but am dedicating it to pets belonging to a friend of mine who, when he recently watched my new dog video (link in the side bar if you haven’t seen it) asked immediately, “What, no daschunds?” I had to view it again myself to confirm that, indeed, I didn’t have any doxies in it. There’s plenty of identifiable breeds in the video, and I did include my personal favorite, the Irish Setter (but I’ve never had one) and a few other breeds that other friends have, like labs and retrievers and corgis and “small curly ones.” The absence of daschs is just an unfortunate oversight which I am happy to address right here and now. My friend has a long history with doxies, I think the two he has currently are numbers 5 and 6. That's practically a family picnic’s worth of wiener dogs.

The photo isn’t actually of either of my friend’s two doxies; I went to Google images for it. I don’t even remember what he said he named his dogs (except that it was something German, which, of course, suits them perfectly). But me, I think I would have gone with something like Oscar and Mayer. Or maybe Ketchup and Pickle. Anyway, doesn’t matter, because I’m just here to make amends for my video omission by posting this really cute vid I found on YouTube. So, here ya go, Mike. You want fries with it?

To find out what’s new with other pets of the world, link up with Bozo and Magiceye, out four- and two-legged friends in Mumbai HERE.

Video by YT member Galakticus
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LadyFi said...

Oh, so many sweet dachshunds! Mustn't let my daughter see this otherwise she'll want one! ;-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

This is one for all dachshund lovers.. Cute video!!!!! Down in the deep south, when you want a hot dog with everything on it, you say "Give me a fully DRESSED hot dog." Funny huh?


Lin said...

too cute...makes me hungry though for the real thing an Oscar Mayer weiner.

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

What a fun video ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Sylvia K said...

Oh, priceless! And this is definitely a fully dressed hot dog!!
Such sweet dogs!

Have a great day, Deborah!


Carolyn said...

Deborah what a wonderful post and cute video. Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend.
Blessings and smiles

Dianne said...

I never met a dog I didn't like

Hot Dog dogs my son used to call them
they're sweet

Rose said...

I have had a couple of dachshunds and they are just full of personality!

And an English prof. at the college I attended had an Irish Setter named Hoolihan...and he was my buddy. And very smart...he went with me to class and I would tell him to find a seat and he would find a corner and lay down till class was over. (did I say this was a small college?)(And that only lasted a short while till the powers that be thought it was not a good idea.) And between classes he would look at me, just begging me to take him for a nice long walk. (And the college was basically out in the country.)

bobbie said...

that video is adorable! My grandson will love it!

Janie said...

Aw, the video has so many cute ones. The little hot dog above is pretty cute, too.

Cloudia said...

I wanna hot dog now!

Aloha ha ha

Comfort Spiral

mom/caryn said...

ha ha ha ha hahahaha ahhhhhh hahaha

Anonymous said...

I don't think that little guy looks to happy being a hot dog. That is what we used to call them, though.

My sister in law just got a bagle (beagle-basset) named Fred. He is a rescue dog, nine years old, and doing very well in his new home.

Kevin said...

That is one awesome weiner dog. I might even consider getting one if I could find an outfit like that for it!

Quiet Paths said...

You have me chuckling away at the Ketchup and Pickles.... can you imagine having a pair and calling that out the door! Eccentric!

magiceye said...

i thinmk it is time we started a chain selling 'hot humans'!


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