Tuesday, September 23, 2008

THIS JUST IN - An Update from The Orion Project

To my fellow bloggers - I just received this email update from Dr. Greer, and have copy/pasted it here for you, since it's so important and timely. As I've said before, I believe this is the most critical issue we are dealing with right now. Whatever happens with any one nation's economic system, or with the global economic system, is meaningless if we crash the planet's ecological system. They say we need to act within days to avert financial meltdown, but time is also running down for the planet. No closing bells will ring, nothing will mark the crossing point between still having time to save ourselves, and not being able to avert total climate meltdown. There are many ways to help, spread the word, do a post, put up a link, donate money, volunteer, or simply help hold onto the vision. Act at whatever level you are comfortable with, the level at which you say, "I will do no less than this." And remember, everything helps.

Redefining Alternative Energy
With over $100 billion going into alternative energy investments this year, it is time to pause and ask: What is real alternative energy?

So far, the discussion is mainly focused on Solar, Wind and Biofuels. Biofuels are really one step forward and two steps back.

Solar and Wind show promise but are very costly, especially to the average homeowner. And our creaky electric grid is not configured to even carry large scale solar and wind generation.

Totally ignored in the main stream (and even alternative) media is the area of advanced electromagnetic systems that tap the energy of the endless Zero Point energy field that is teeming all around us.

For decades, inventors and scientists have made advances in this area, only to be ridiculed, ignored- or actively suppressed.

I was recently contacted by a close friend of a senior member of Congress who described working for the US Department of Energy and being ushered into a large facility where dozens of such new energy devices were being secretly stored, and kept away from the public. This is a mainstream figure who knows that we can do better- and must!

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has recently called for a Revolution in Energy. We at TheOrionProject.org agree. It is time for a genuine revolution in energy that completely replaces the collapsing centralized energy system.

It is time for inexpensive, abundant energy based on advanced concepts in physics and electromagnetic technology to be supported with at least the same level of funding that solar and wind are now receiving.

Solar and Wind are great- but with one to two dirty coal-fired power plants being put on-line in China and India each week, it is too little, too late.

Help TheOrionProject.org bring forward the real Alternative Energy solutions that will free humanity from oil, gas, coal and a bankrupt centralized energy and economic system.

It is time for real change!

Steven M. Greer M.D.
Executive Director

Photo of coal plant from WIkimedia commons


magiceye said...

appreciate your concern and hope that sense prevails!
so many alternate energy projects may be shelved due to lack of substantial evidence too... we do lack a platform where the pros and cons for each can be thrashed out and say may the best alternative energy win!

bobbie said...

So glad you put this on your blog. I received it to, and sent it to a couple of people, but your blog will be seen by a lot more.

Quiet Paths said...

Excellent post, Deb. Thanks for passing this on. I have Who Killed the electric car here at home. I just need to get the family gathered so we can watch it. Thank you for that tip too.