Friday, December 12, 2008


The Cloud Messenger received a very nice surprise this morning - an award from Bobbie, at the Almost There blog! Thanks Bobbie, the feeling is entirely mutual! Many people who stop by here know Bobbie as well, and draw the same kind of warmth and inspiration from her words as I do.

As with awards, there are rules about passing it on, which we are free to follow, bend or break without obligation. I'm going with the 'bend' option. There's so many blogs I enjoy and admire, but I've decided - because we can all use more medicinal laughter these days - to simply list 3 humor blogs that I visit regularly. They each post one or more photos a day, with captions and write-ups that show they are not just superior scribblers, they're supreme! Think of them as zany Public Health Blogs that help as all feel competent by showing us how much saner we are by comparison to others. And they keep us nicely aerobacized from shaking with laughter. Stop by for a daily dose of pure unadulterated silliness, humor, fun, hilarity, satire, etcetc. Side effects include leg-slapping, tear-wiping, and broad cheek-stretching smiles! Here they are:

Cakewrecks - "When professional cakes go horrible, hilariously wrong"
You don't have to be a kitchen diva to appreciate this one. And if you ever have to order a personalized cake, you will have increased your chances of NOT having it end up on this blog because you've already seen what can happen, and left nothing to chance! Caution: extremely habit-forming blog. Also, this blog won 'best in show' for Humor in the 2008 Blogger's Choice Awards.

Cute Overload
What does the name tell you? Please, oh please, if you never do anything else for me ever, visit this just once! You will be back; it's off-the-charts funny!

Vanity Plates- "Creepiness in 8 Characters or Less"
You will laugh here, heartily, and it may even save you some possible future embarrassment...someone somewhere may have beaten you to the punch with your idea, and here's the place to find out what people really think when they see it... This blog is cleverness on wheels!

There you go, dear readers, have yourselves a barrel of fun!


Lin said...

thanks, I need a laugh today as I'm sitting on my couch with my back aching typing on my laptop.

bobbie said...

Deborah, I love the three blogs you picked! They're all on my Favorites now. thanks!

Indrani said...

Congrats on the award!
I need that laughter medicine so I think I will visit those prescribed, I mean awarded. :) Thanks.