Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today is the day I open the clean unused pages of my new daytimer and enter in all the important dates for the upcoming 12 months. You probably do it (or have done it already!) too - reminders of important things like birthdays, and more mundane things like oil changes and monthly meetings. There’s something about all those fresh blank squares that’s inspiring, even a little exciting –beginning a new year really is turning over a new leaf; it really can wipe the old slate clean. I have some personal changes I want to make, things I want to start doing differently, and there’s some old things I want to treasure and preserve, too. This is a day for sorting out what to keep and what to toss. My deepest wish is that the whole world might feel that way today, too.

This is a video of Nanci Griffith singing Julie Gold's classic song of peace, "From A Distance." I choose this performance because it's from 1988 - now past twenty years ago - and here we are, still singing for peace, still yearning for peace, still needing peace, just as much, and possibly even more, as we did back then. I'm tempted to write in my daytimer at the beginning of each month "be the peace you want to see in the world."

Video by YT member Motelmatches
Photo of a new beginning in my yard, spring 2008


bobbie said...

Peace. It's what all of us want more than anything else. What we have wanted for so many years. Will it ever come? We have to keep working toward it, and praying for it.

A happy and peaceful new year, Deborah. That is my wish for you, and for all of us.

Lin said...

peace will continue to allude us as long as men have greed power and dominion in their minds which the scriptures say will continue and escalade until the true peacemaker returns to establish a millennium of peace. but we can have peace within our own hearts on a daily basis. happy new year to you and yours.

Squirrel said...


Kallen305 said...

Peace to all. I don't think I will ever see total peace in the world in my lifetime, but I can practice it myself. If enough of us do it, it will have some impact on this world of ours.

Happy New Year

colleen said...

I've vowed to continue to explore living like a wild thing, which to me means doing what I find myself doing. My Soundtrack for this day is the Chambers Brothers TIME. Time has come today.

I'm visiting today via Sandy Carlson

Deborah Godin said...

Thank you for mentioning the Chambers Brothers; I love that song! I just finished some Berlioz inspired by Christine at Quiet Paths (see blogroll) and now I'm heading back to the CD shelf for Time Has Come Today. It's going to be an eclectic music day, I can tell already.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Deborah---Great post. We do all yearn for peace... Love the old quote, "Why can't we all just get along?" Sounds so simple!!!! Will it ever happen?? I doubt it --since most of the fighting is done in the name of religion. Everyone thinks that 'they' are the chosen ones and that 'they' are right. BUT--this doesn't keep us from praying for peace.
Happy 2009.

Avid Reader said...

Brand New! Happy New Year (and today is J.D.'s 90th)